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Tbreakfast roomhere are two options you can select for breakfast.

You can wander down to the dining room - just follow the sound of chatter and nice music - and join your fellow guests in either a continental or cooked breakfast:


Cereal, fruit juice, grapefruit segments, prunes, tea or coffee with toast or croissants, marmalade and jam (home made by Bill) fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Cooked - veggie or traditional

All of the above plus porridge, bacon, pork sausage, black pudding, potato scone, hash brown, free-range egg (fried, poached or scrambled), tomato and mushrooms. You can even have oatcakes if you want - but the antidote is extra!

The alternative, for those who like a lie in after a late night on the tiles or who are departing early, is a breakfast tray in your room. This option has to be pre-booked.


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